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Computer Lessons

Is computer technology advancing faster than you feel you can keep up with?

Are you often overwhelmed with the computer?

If this sounds like you, don't wait another second to take action and get yourself up to speed!

Remember that you are not alone. In a world where technology is advancing faster than we can blink, many people are left feeling discouraged and confused but you don't have to!

Our friendly instructors will patiently explain and walk you though the ins and outs of computer use in easy to understand everyday language. We will teach you the basic tasks of getting around in and getting the most out of your computer.

Learn how to use basic programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel. Have fun with email by learning to send pictures and files. Protect yourself and your business by learning how to back-up your important data and files.

If you've ever had questions, NOW is the time to get them answered. We will work with you at your own speed to get you to the skill level you desire. Learning is fun and easy in the comfort of your own home or office. We also offer weekly computer lessons from our location in San Rafael.

To schedule your personal training session give us a call anytime!

(415) 459-4590


Also see Computer Help for information on the Golden Gate Computer Society "Users-helping-users" group.


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